Company Background

The success journey of RJ Group is inspired by growth. What began as a small local trading company in 2012, has today grown into the preferred distribution partner in Tanzania for well known brands, dealing with wholesale business units, including:

  • FMCG products such as food, beverages and convenience goods
  • Commodities such as salt and sugar
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicine supplies
  • Used clothing distribution (Mitumba)

Our Vision extends to having fully functional ground wholesale and retail outlets located in commercial hubs nationally with 24/7 distribution facility of large sales force and to be the leading partner of recognized local and international brands.

Our Mission is to be the leader in international trade while building connections with reputed names and support local markets dealing with FMCG across Tanzania.

Our Values are centric to our growth and people that are linked to our company including customers and suppliers. We believe our actions define who we are and we base ourselves on principles of honesty, reliability and respect for all.

Our trade relations extend to over 1000 local and international suppliers

RJ Group holds a credible reputation amongst its various suppliers and this has convinced many well-known brands to extend trade relations with the company. Our business practices have always been ethical and are focused on building goodwill in the market. We believe in timely payments, connecting with suppliers in real time, bringing innovative products, understanding market needs and making distribution one of our core strengths.

We have been able to join hands and establish convincing partnerships with top local and international brands including MURZAH, CANZANIA – PROCTER AND GAMBLE (P&G), METL, PANASONIC, CHEMI COTEX and TRADEKINGS amongst several names in the FMCG market.

Local Trading – RJ & Sons

With a well-established base in Dar es Salaam; the commercial hub of the country, RJ & Sons is a recognized wholesaler, consciously evolving to meet the rising market needs. We have dedicated full-time employees in our warehouse of 25,000 square feet at Banda La Ngozi, engaged in driving our business smoothly including managers, inventory controllers and handlers, drivers and distributions truck managers.

Our ground wholesale and retail outlet located in the local area of Kisutu is taken care by committed and trust-worthy employees including managers, accounting department, field and route sale executives targeting  districts, sub-regions, regions and villages within Tanzania.


Imports & Exports – RJ Impex

Our 20 years of international experience has led us to establish RJ IMPEX CO.LTD, our trade entity dealing with imports from UAE, India, Pakistan, China and South Korea.

We have built a reliable supply chain and connections with various import points to ensure smooth and timely supply of goods from various parts of the world. From shipping lines and logistic companies to trade banks and dependable suppliers, our experience in international trade gives us an edge above several players in the market as we deliver a large supply of consumer goods and fulfill the evolving market needs.